Monthly archives: January, 2014

So what’s your fix?

Sometimes you just need a fix. For some, a fix could be a shopping spree, for others a soy latte, and for a lot of people, it’s a big, moist bite of that chocolaty confection called “brownies.”  What could be simpler? It is what it is, a brown colored treat. Put and “i” and “e”…

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When did raisins get such a bad rep?

While baking apple muffins for Sunday School class this past weekend, as I debated the raisins called for in the recipe, I wondered, when did raisins get such a bad reputation?  Picky kids and adults will say, “I won’t eat that if it has raisins in it.” I used to throw chocolate chips into oatmeal…

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Goodbye to ’13

Goodbye to ’13 2013 was a life changing year for my husband and our family as he underwent a surgery that changed not only his career but his life and outlook on life and way of life.  Now that year is over and we’re ready to move forward. I too had major surgery in 2013…

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