Monthly archives: March, 2015

Comfort Food

  My husband commented that only I would find Dacquoise a comfort food. Comfort Food While reading a blog recently a logo caught my eye, it promoted “Cook the Book.” Upon further investigation of Cook the Books Club  I found that the premise was for bloggers to read a prescribed book about food, food memories,…

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Sweet as Pi(e) Day

Sweet as Pi(e) Day Pi or Pie Day, either way you look at it, it’s sweet, right? Well it doesn’t have to be, and who says it has to be round; unless you’re calculating area or volume of a column, cone, or sphere or just a plain circle. What other pies are there out there?…

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Bacon, maple syrup and biscuits and an announcement

Bacon, maple syrup and biscuits and an announcement Sometimes you just want to put together something simply for the benefit of your family’s taste buds, forget the presentation, the baseness, and the calories. This morning I thought I would slap out a batch of biscuits, and then I thought muffins would be more special, when…

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