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Sunday Supper, January 3rd, Use Leftover Rice from January 1st

The top answer to What’s the best Sunday Supper menu? “One that uses or produces leftovers.” Since tonight’s meal followed a traditional meal on January 1st consisting of black-eyed peas, rice or Hoppin’ John and collards or greens, I thought of making dessert with the leftover rice. We usually make a large pot of rice…

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Pumpkin Roll with Caramel Frosting for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Roll It started with birthday treats for my son’s senior high class meeting a couple of weeks back. I was making pumpkin bread for the church bazaar and had some left over batter so I made pumpkin mini cupcakes.                   The very next evening my son was…

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Fluffy Cheesecake

Way back when in Culinary School I worked at the French hotel chain Le Meridien in New Orleans. It was owned and operated by the French.  As I’m sure you’ve heard, everything in France is better. In the case of cheesecakes, I would have to agree.  As party of our duties in the pastry shop,…

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Boston Cream Pie ala Jim Dodge

I have 2 pet peeves when it comes to recipes: ones that don’t use enough vanilla beans and ones that don’t deliver – I don’t mean pizza. I think most every recipe that includes vanilla extract can be enhanced by a vanilla bean and some that don’t even call for vanilla. For example, I’ve been…

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Olive Oil Lemon Cake with a Twist

If you haven’t figured out by now, the surprise is that this cake is Gluten Free.  Now don’t get all excited, because remember, Glory is all about the gluten, however, this time, it just is not there naturally. This is an adapted recipe from one of our favorites we served at the restaurant. Rich olive…

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