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Pimento Cheese & Mickey Mouse

Amy & Mickey Mouse

We traveled to visit family in Ohio this Thanksgiving and started a new friendship that I hope will last. My cousins used to vacation with us at the beach when they were the age that their children are now. We miss that. With the distance between families and activities and lives, we just have not…

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Boston Cream Pie ala Jim Dodge

I have 2 pet peeves when it comes to recipes: ones that don’t use enough vanilla beans and ones that don’t deliver – I don’t mean pizza. I think most every recipe that includes vanilla extract can be enhanced by a vanilla bean and some that don’t even call for vanilla. For example, I’ve been…

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Comfort Food

  My husband commented that only I would find Dacquoise a comfort food. Comfort Food While reading a blog recently a logo caught my eye, it promoted “Cook the Book.” Upon further investigation of Cook the Books Club  I found that the premise was for bloggers to read a prescribed book about food, food memories,…

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