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My Valentine’s Day gifts from God

Today was a unique Valentine’s day to us, but our gifts from God pulled us through. Hint: we did not dine out!

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Dougnuts for Valentines

a sweet romance

Doughnuts for Valentines After you’ve been married for almost 29 years, you would think that Valentine’s Day isn’t really special. We’re supposed to say “every day is special” and platitudes like that, but the truth is some are more special than others. This particular Valentine’s Day is more special than some in the past because…

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Pumpkin Roll with Caramel Frosting for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Roll It started with birthday treats for my son’s senior high class meeting a couple of weeks back. I was making pumpkin bread for the church bazaar and had some left over batter so I made pumpkin mini cupcakes.                   The very next evening my son was…

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Good Friday = Hot Cross Buns

A Good Friday offering and brief history of the Hot Cross Bun.

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