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My Valentine’s Day gifts from God

Today was a unique Valentine’s day to us, but our gifts from God pulled us through. Hint: we did not dine out!

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Au revoir Chef, for the third and final time

Our two encounters with the rock star of Nouvelle Cuisine, 3-starred Michelin Chef Paul Bocuse, who passed away today.

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Serving up cronuts for 2018!

Happy New Year everyone and I won’t share resolutions, but hopefully yours will be fulfilled. 2017 had some many emotional things in them, it will be hard to surpass, but hey! we can always try. For example, many items were checked off my personal bucket list in 2017 and several of them in our 30th…

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Leftovers for Thanksgiving

Sometimes leftovers are the best part of the meal…

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My Chicken Cup Runneth Over

A brief summary of our first year at Tin Roof Farm and the gratitude we have for all that surrounds us.

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