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Serving up cronuts for 2018!

Happy New Year everyone and I won’t share resolutions, but hopefully yours will be fulfilled. 2017 had some many emotional things in them, it will be hard to surpass, but hey! we can always try. For example, many items were checked off my personal bucket list in 2017 and several of them in our 30th…

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Boston Cream Pie ala Jim Dodge

I have 2 pet peeves when it comes to recipes: ones that don’t use enough vanilla beans and ones that don’t deliver – I don’t mean pizza. I think most every recipe that includes vanilla extract can be enhanced by a vanilla bean and some that don’t even call for vanilla. For example, I’ve been…

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King Cake New Orleans style

My husband and I met in New Orleans at Culinary School.  He likes to say we met over a hot stove. It was August in New Orleans so I’m sure it was hot.  My husband grew up in Louisiana, in a small town about 30 miles west of New Orleans named LaPlace. I’m sure you’ve…

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