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Went to a garden party…

Just before heading off to a fancy party we have to take care of a few guests in our own garden

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Au revoir Chef, for the third and final time

Our two encounters with the rock star of Nouvelle Cuisine, 3-starred Michelin Chef Paul Bocuse, who passed away today.

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Leftovers for Thanksgiving

Sometimes leftovers are the best part of the meal…

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New Year, new challenges 

Here in the South we don’t get the beautiful fluffy white stuff very often. So, this the first week of the New Year brought our first winter storm. The major challenge that we faced was that this is  our first winter in our new house, on our new property and it’s like breaking in a…

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Something to cry about 

Today as I walked through the churchyard, two things caught my attention: a beaten up metal ironing board twisted and discarded near a freshly covered burial site and a white beaten up, rusted pickup truck slowly driving down the church road towards me. I moved over to let it pass, the driver kept motioning for…

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