Dougnuts for Valentines

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Doughnuts for Valentines
After you’ve been married for almost 29 years, you would think that Valentine’s Day isn’t really special. We’re supposed to say “every day is special” and platitudes like that, but the truth is some are more special than others. This particular Valentine’s Day is more special than some in the past because my Valentine, John, has the release of his first novel on this day and it is titled Doughnuts for Amy. There’s really no greater form of flattery than to have something named after you [blush]. That being said, remember that it is a novel. You’ll cry, laugh, get angry, sympathize, empathize and maybe cringe a little, but in the end, we hope you enjoy it and salivate because there are a few recipes in it.


The truffle center is whipped until light to give it the mousse like quality.

The truffle center is whipped until light to give it the mousse like quality.

Truffle soldiers

Don’t worry if they’re not perfect, you will end up rolling them like play doh balls later.

Another thing that happens when you’ve been married at least as long as we have, is that it’s not any longer an absolute that you go out to dinner- just the two of you. In the restaurant world, we look at Valentine’s Day as the holiday of amateurs. If that’s the only day you can take her out to a delicious dinner guys, then shame on you! So, we are getting together with 6 other couples and having a Valentine’s dinner party. It’s going to be filled with special moments, special food and a gathering of special friends that all love each other. To cap the dinner off I’m making Champagne Truffles for everyone to take home. What’s a little bubbly and chocolate among friends?
Oh and we’ll do some celebrating at the party too for the novel. We’ll have some toasts with Prosecco – it’s Amy’s favorite celebration drink. (Read the book!)
Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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