Fluffy Cheesecake

Way back when in Culinary School I worked at the French hotel chain Le Meridien in New Orleans. It was owned and operated by the French.  As I’m sure you’ve heard, everything in France is better. In the case of cheesecakes, I would have to agree.  As party of our duties in the pastry shop, we were to bake cheesecakes to supply the buffet for the bistro that fronted canal street. It was like stepping into a Parisian bistro complete with black & white tile floors and wire-back cafe chairs with marble tabletops. A number of the service staff were even french. The management was definitely french and our Executive Pastry Chef Hervé was french as well. He was skinny as a bean pole and younger than I at the old age of 22.  He however supplied me with a recipe I’ve carried with me to this day for cheesecake.  It is simple and delicious and gets rave reviews no matter how you dress it up or down.

The bprepping for cheesecakease is just cream cheese, whole eggs, egg whites, sugar, vanilla and citrus zest.







You can play with the flavorings if you like, but the way to dress it up is to add your topping of fruit,chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, just about anything you can imagine. The best part is that is was hip before it knew it. It is gluten free.  That’s right, it is naturally gluten free and simply delicious. Give it a try with some  of your own twists.  It freezes well before topping and it is a show stopper with both taste, simplicity and presentation. Vive La France!

cookbooks lemon zest









The fruit topped ones here I made for a rehearsal dinner for a friend whose daughter-in-law to be is gluten free. I’m hoping none of the wedding party missed the gluten and wishing this couple a happy life together.

cheesecake gf

Here’s the recipe for Fluffy Gluten Free Cheesecake.

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