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“Studio Arts.”

After two semesters majoring in Math at the University of The South, I gritted my teeth, screwed up my courage and asked my parents if I could change majors.  My Dad, a scientist, drew a deep breath and just looked at me for the longest time.  My mom was a painter, a sculptor and an art teacher and over the years I gravitated not towards science, but art.  After graduation I wanted to stay within a pliable medium and I’ve always been fascinated by chocolate.  When I announced to a handsome classmate in college that after graduation I would be attending culinary school in New Orleans, he replied, “Look me up if you’re not married when you’ve finished culinary school.”  I never looked him up. 

My husband, a chef as well, likes to say we met over a hot stove.  Truth is–I spotted him first.  Being a studio art major in undergraduate, I chose the culinary arts and took the pastry route. During my apprenticeship I was able to work in the pastry shop of a French hotel that was owned by Air France.  The French team of pastry chefs were incredible teachers and so knowledgeable.  They had a level of experience that took me years to appreciate because it was something they had been doing since they were kids.  I can remember telling my boyfriend (now husband) all the amazing things I was learning and he was fascinated.  I believe our love of the Culinary Arts drew us closer together; he was a New Orleans native and grew up cooking.  We married in the last year of school and then moved to Charleston, SC on our 1st anniversary.  We ran a 40 seat white table cloth restaurant and six guest room B & B.  It was a baptismal experience to say the least, but we survived. Eventually we made our way to the Upstate of South Carolina where we’ve lived for the past 19 years.  Now proud parents of two teens and former restaurant and business owners, the economy has forced us into different career paths. We closed our restaurant after eight years of success, fame and local notoriety.  Now I work as the Parish Events Coordinator for our church and am happy to spend time with my family when I’m not working for the joy of Christ’s community.  It’s a far cry from where I thought I would be, but I find joy in cooking for my family and friends and now I have time to do it.

Join me here has I share recipes, photos of places we’ve been, and yes, photos of food despite the fussing from my kids; “Do you have to take a picture of everything?” Ask questions, please. My husband and I routinely get a couple of emails or phone calls a week.

“How do you make a garnet colored icing?”

“When preparing an apple pie weeks ahead of time, do I bake then freeze, or freeze then bake.”

“How long has mankind been deep frying?”  

Would you like to know the answer?

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