My Chicken Cup Runneth Over

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of our moving to Tin Roof Farm. Not really a working farm because we’ve only sold a couple of dozen eggs and nothing else, but we’ve given away quite a few. Nonetheless, it’s our house, property and farm, so one year later , 2 kittens, 3 cats, 1 dog and 13 chickens we feel blessed beyond measure. But I did measure the raspberry harvest and this is the third cup in a week.  We have planted, hoed, dug, scorched ants, chopped down, burned down and cleared out at least 1 acre of this 2 acre lot. We planted the first raspberry bush after the season ended last year, and tended the vine all year. This spring it paid off with some long, spikey runners and an abundance of blooms and fruit. 

From this…

To this…

But it’s not just the fruit and the garden that’s increased, we’ve grown our menagerie to add 3 chickens at first, then 3 more laying hens, then 6 more chickens ( some fancy just for kicks) , then we took on a rescue Bantam rooster and his 2 chickens. This started in November and has mostly grown. We lost a rooster early on and a chicken this spring. It turns out we’re crazy about the chickens. They are good composters, give us eggs, and entertain us  especially when in pursuit of a grasshopper, worm or small snake. 

We’ve also gained new friends and neighbors as we lucked into a wonderful family next door who actually gave us our first 3 chickens. We watch their flocks when they leave and they watch ours. Down the street is George the Greek beekeeper and we have been known to trade him eggs for honey. It’s a beautiful thing. 

So we receive an abundance of enjoyment from our little hobby farm, the chickens and our pets. We are blessed to have good, friendly and generous neighbors and we’re still meeting more. Mostly we are grateful and feel blessed each morning when we listen to the birds outside of our screen porch and we hear a chicken cackle in the barn announcing her gift to us and we say our cup runneth over with God’s grace. 

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