One month ago… 

We have officially been in the new house for one month. Farm life if you can call it that because we have yet to purchase any live stock, is very different from what we’re used to. For one thing, you have to get to work right away when you wake up. There’s no sipping coffee and reading the newspaper. I often find my coffee cup on some random table or outdoor wall when I come home because I’ve left it along the way while toting the hose, utensil & soil wagon and various pots. So far I’ve managed to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers  & some herbs and keep them going with the exception of rosemary: 2 transplants have not made it and 1 sage bush has bitten the proverbial dust. Speaking of which, I spend a lot more time watering than I should have to because we are having a dry summer. In the past I’ve been concious of droughts , but we have a well so it’s not as much of a drain on the entire watershed’s reserve when I do water.  I know I still have to be careful. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll have a good stash of compost and some rain barrels in operation and this will be easier. I’m trying to document using photographs. They’re very boring now, but here goes. One last thing, this evening we had bluebirds in the paella dish  converted to a bird bath for the first time. They were also spotted out of the kitchen window having a dinner of dried meal worms on the cage feeder. This is very exciting. Thank you God for the gift of the evening after our day is done. 

Ode to a bluebird

Setting sun makes a design

tomatoes m

Starter plants along the wall.

A raspberry vine planted near the wall .

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