Pimento Cheese & Mickey Mouse

Amy & Mickey Mouse

We traveled to visit family in Ohio this Thanksgiving and started a new friendship that I hope will last. My cousins used to vacation with us at the beach when they were the age that their children are now. We miss that. With the distance between families and activities and lives, we just have not been together much over the years. So this Thanksgiving we decided to travel to see them.

One of my cousin’s wives really enjoyed the pimento cheese John had brought along with us.  He had a couple of batches he had thrown together recently at home for a few events and stuck some in the ice chest for the road trip.  She requested the recipe so I decided to look for it and that’s what brought me to Mickey Mouse. In 2006 ( and years after) we were invited to be guest chefs at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival at Walt Disney World.  We loved this trip, but it took alot of work on our parts to prep for it – and you will see how many we prepared food for.


Here’s our team – Me, Tony, Anastasia, Disney Chef, John, 2 Disney team women

We also did cooking demos at Epcot. The kids had a blast!

We also did cooking demos at Epcot. The kids had a blast!

In 2006 we made Pimento Cheese Turnovers as one of our menu offerings for the Party for the Senses the grand affair the last evening of your visit to Epcot.  I found this recipe for Pimento Cheese and am sharing it now for “French Aimee”.  Did I mention that both of my cousin’s in Ohio married women named Amy?  She spells her name differently, so she was dubbed “French Aimee” – so here you are: John’s Pimento Cheese Recipe.  Enjoy!  And if you ever need to entertain on a grand scale the recipe is extrapolated out to 1000 portions at the end of the page. You never know!

Best wishes and happy cooking!
Amy #1 ( I am the oldest 🙂 )

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