Red beans, rice and clean clothes on Mondays

Andouille Festival

In Louisiana where my husband grew up, Monday dinner is always red beans and rice. Monday is laundry day, so you put your beans, onions, garlic, bayleaf and seasonings in the pot in the morning, and let them cook all day while you do the laundry. I put mine in the crock pot and go off to work while the kids go off to school. In the evening when you get home, chop up some smoked andouille sausage, add it to the pot, adjust the seasoning, put on a pot of rice and throw a baguette in the oven and you’re set.
One attraction of Louisiana is the food is so steeped in history and tradition such as the red beans and rice on Mondays. Andouille is the preferred french-style smoked sausage that flavors this dish. My husband comes from a small town just west of New Orleans known as the “Andouille Capital of the World”. Growing up in this town, there was a local butcher who made and smoked his own andouille, pronounced “on-due-ee”. It’s a highly spicy, seasoned and coarsely cut pork sausage that has been smoked. The butcher would send his panel truck around the neighborhoods and the housewives would come out and go up into the back of the truck and pick out their center of plate meals for the week. He also supplied the rice, dried beans, cornmeal, and many other things needed to stock a good S. Louisiana housewife’s pantry. After we moved to South Carolina, when we would fly home, my mother-in-law always had a couple of pounds of fresh andouille packaged up for us to take home. These days it would never pass security as the intense smokiness would surely set off alarms! So much emphasis is put on the food, they even have to personify it and throw a big festival for it. Sometimes funnel cakes are involved. So, eat up, enjoy and clean your laundry while you’re at it.

Red Beans and Rice Recipe

red beans and rice

A #bowful of red beans and rice is a Monday tradition in Louisiana.

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