Serving up cronuts for 2018!

Happy New Year everyone and I won’t share resolutions, but hopefully yours will be fulfilled. 2017 had some many emotional things in them, it will be hard to surpass, but hey! we can always try. For example, many items were checked off my personal bucket list in 2017 and several of them in our 30th wedding anniversary trip to the Bahamas. For starters, a massage over shimmering blue water at a tropical resort… Boom! First night there with the sun setting behind us too.

Next up was observing sea turtles in the Carribean sea and jumping into a blue hole! Our trip took us to so many magical places we didn’t want to come home and the

wonderfully kind and generous people we met! But alas we had to return from paradise to reality and two short weeks later I was called to Tennessee to be with my father who consequently died a few days later. Though of course we were sad, he didn’t suffer long and he’s now with my Mom and sister in heaven singing gospel bluegrass and fishing or dancing. My cousins, aunts uncles were a huge support and I thank them. We had a fun sendoff party the night before Dad’s service.

The rest of the year had some travel and was taken up with the affairs of his estate. I will say that I have a great support team at work at church and they’ve been patient with me going through this. We came to the end of the year and cousins and my aunt and some friends came to Thanksgiving dinner. This was the best part of all I think. I loved having everyone here for a happy occasion. That being said, we weren’t sure what to do about Christmas since now John’s parents are gone and mine are too. So, we decided to go to New York City! That was our Christmas present and what a gift it was. If you travel with John you end up going from one meal in search of the next. We literally ate all over that town. But the day before we flew out we pressed ourselves to complete one last item on the bucket list – to procure and devour an original Cronut from Dominique Ansel’s SOHO bakery. We knew the drill and the risks and we set our alarms to wake up early on that cold Wednesday morning and truck it down to SOHO and stand in line in below freezing temperatures to enter the steamy walls of this most celebrated bakery in New York City. When we entered and I saw the master bakery himself behind the line with his protégés I knew it was going to be good. Heck the people in line behind us had already been into the bakery once, purchased their allotment of cronuts ( 2 per person ) and left and gone to the back of the line to enter again! What a witness! So, because I could not have the luxury of doing that I saw perched on the shelf, the master’s bible: Dominique Ansel’s :The Secret Recipes.

I would be able to have cronuts whenever I wanted.

So, in fact, on the first day of 2018 that is what I did… I made cronuts. Now I must tell you that it takes some planning. It does take a full 3 days to prep but you’ll be happy with the results and his book is very detailed as to the procedure.

So, in the end, we waited , we sampled, we conquered.

This about some sums up the year because we waited years for our special anniversary trip and we planned And researched and planned ahead. Just like cronuts , just can’t decide the day of that you’re going to make them. Spontaneity can be good at times but patience pays off as well. This is a lesson I learned too from my father. He was patient and methodical with his work and investments. It has paid off for us. We were able to end the year visiting with one our on cooks at his restaurant in NYC where he is the chef de Cuisine. We felt like such proud parents when he came out to talk to us. He’s worked hard for his accomplishments and we were a part of that and also able to enjoy the fruits of his labor like this ” Ribbons of Foie Gras” perhaps the Cronut of his burgeoning career.

We will go into 2018 with a quest for the new, the patience to appreciate the methods and hopefully be rewarded sweetly. Here’s today’s success, my cronuts!

Cronuts with Champagnr Chocolate Ganache

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